☠️Roach liquidation

Owners can liquidate their roaches at any time, even during the egg stage. The owner always receives the default liquidation reward equal to the minimum breeding fee in $MTGN.

Also, any other player can become a Roach Liquidator to seek and eliminate other players’ roaches after their date of death. To become a Roach Liquidator, a player needs to stake a certain amount of $RRC.

When a Roach Liquidator finds a race roach with an ended lifespan and wants to liquidate it, the application generates a signature for the Liquidator to sign it and send to the smart contract. The amount of liquidation reward increases from 0 to 100 during the 24 hours from the roach death. This makes it possible to achieve fairness of the reward on the basis of the Dutch auction principle and avoid competition among Liquidators and overpayments for gas.

Ghost Roach NFT

When a roach is liquidated, a separate Ghost NFT token is created. Essentially, it is a proxy for the initial NFT token with the same token number and all the Metadata preserved. Ghost NFT tokens for liquidated roaches serve as data storage to preserve the family tree and gene information of all the roaches in its generation.

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