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Roach Racing Club is a game in the first place and should be deemed as one with all that it implies. The game spreads beyond the racing platform to the outside world through social interaction and participation in various economic incentives.
Innovative products built on a decentralized basis require time and resources to develop and maintain the balance between the interest of stakeholders and engaging gaming experience for players. Considering the decentralized nature of the platform, we aim to manage our development process as efficiently as possible to facilitate the sustainable growth of the whole system.
This document describes the current vision of the product and can be updated at any time. Community members are welcome to offer improvements and suggest changes for future development of the Roach Racing Club platform by creating an effective feedback loop.
The process is non-linear, and it’s more of a trip that we invite you to participate in.

Project summary

Roach Racing Club is a strategic racing game with a community-shared economy powered by blockchain technology. Roach Racing Club aims to further the evolution of the gaming experience by combining fun, passion, and economic incentives based on a fair decentralized model. Roach Racing Club introduces innovative mechanics and appealing visual style to bring about the digitalization of roach racing culture with modern technologies such as NFT and smart contracts.
Players can trade, rent and breed NFT roaches and compete against other racers. Race outcomes depend on many factors, such as real-world data feeds, pseudo-randomness, and the genetics of roaches. Choosing a roach with the right properties for a particular race is the key factor in winning the race and getting rewards.
Breeding new roaches requires Mutagen ($MTGN token). When racing, each roach produces some amount of $MTGN, which is collected after each race and distributed among the players. This system rewards active players and follows the game motto ‘Run or Die.’
By introducing unique mechanics such as an evolutionary breeding model, dynamic universe, and community-shared tokenized revenue streams, we are building a game with a balanced economy focused on sustainable growth.
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