Roach Racing Club
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On the race

Racing overview

Roach Racing Club races are independent events where you enter with one of your roaches to compete with others. The goal of the race is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible to win the race. Each racing event happens on a certain racetrack that has its own conditions which affect the racing performance of roaches.
In order to race you need to use your analytical and predictive skills and exercise your trading skills with the chosen roach. The winning strategy requires selecting a right roach with suitable biological abilities before the race and effective usage of acceleration ability (Boost) during the race.
The success of a roach on a race depends on several factors:
  1. 1.
    The racing ability of a roach resulting from its genetics
  2. 2.
    Track conditions based on Chainlink oracles such as weather, wind, etc.
  3. 3.
    Luck factor randomized by Chainlink VRF
  4. 4.
    Effective usage of Boost ability

Choosing a racing event

There are two types of racing events available:
  • Free events:
    – No entry fees
    – Prize pool in $MTGN for three winners
  • Events with entry fees:
    – Entry fees in wETH
    – Prize pool in wETH for three winners
    – Rewards in $RRC and $MTGN for all race participants
Choosing an event should be done with accordance to the racing strategy as each racing event happens on a certain race track with dynamically changing conditions such as:
  • Distance
  • Weather
  • Surface
  • etc.

Choosing a roach

Roach genetics and traits combination determines the resulting biology of the roach and its competitive advantages or disadvantages for the specific track and its conditions. Roaches run according to bioenergetic systems based on aerobic and anaerobic metabolism so the efficiency of biology is important for the roach's performance on the track.
Select the best roach from your collection for the specific racing event. Picking a roach in top condition and with the right genetic traits for the track conditions, along with the appropriate asset, boosts your odds of winning the race. For example, you expect the price of BTC to grow so you may choose a BTC Bullish Roach, or the weather is cold on the track so you choose a roach that runs better in cold conditions.
In addition to biology, each roach has a connection to a certain crypto asset, so price movements of the asset in real time affect the performance of the roach on the racetrack.
Connection to the crypto asset also determines what asset will be used for Boost ability during the race.

Running a race

Participants take starting positions with their roaches by sending transactions to the blockchain. When enough participants enter an event, the race begins. The race can be observed in real-time by both the participants and spectators. At the end of the race the prize pool is distributed among the top three winners.