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Roach sharing

Renting and Lending your roaches
In the Roach Racing Club sharing system, we use an automated on-chain payout and rental process.
Roach sharing allows attracting new players who want to try roach racing without purchasing a roach. It lowers the entry barriers for new members and creates more racing activity in the system, but managing in-game NFT assets renting is usually a tiresome and resource-consuming process.
The Roach Racing Club sharing system is built as a trustless rental system within the game and is only available to members with enough experience.
Players are provided with an escrow account for every rental agreement that receives rewards and automatically distributes them according to the agreed rental share (e.g. 50% owner, 50% lender). A roach rented out by a lender is also held in the escrow wallet, meaning the lender does not need to send the roach to another wallet or directly to the renter.
Roach sharing is a great way to engage your roach in racing and preserve its life, and, in addition, it puts your asset to work and creates an income stream.