Roach Racing Club
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Community-shared economy

The main goal of our tokenomics is to strike a balance between player encouragement, token holders interest and sustainable long-term growth of the whole system.
Blockchain allows us to create new and more efficient economic models of relationships between stakeholders, erasing the boundaries of roles between the team, shareholders and users.
We consider players as partners contributing to the development of the project with their gaming activity and therefore create tools to reward them and involve them in the decision-making process.
The economy of the system is built on rewarding both players and token holders. Players can benefit from races through: winning races and receiving shares of the prize pool, receiving in-game currency required for breeding roaches, selling in-game currency to other players, selling roaches to new players or renting them out.
The game’s economic cycle consists of buying a roach, participating in races for the possibility of breeding new roaches in order to win races, and so on ad infinitum.
Roach Racing Club key assets
Utility staking
Governance Breeding fees In-game purchases
In-game rewards
Pre-mine with limited supply
Breeding fees
In-game rewards
Activity-based supply with burning
NFT Roaches
Racing and breeding
Unlimited with burning