Roach Racing Club

Genesis NFT Distribution

The Genesis Roaches are the starting point of the roach population and evolution in Roach Racing Club. They carry the purest DNA material with unique traits for future generations and have absolute Resistance.
There will be only 10,000 Genesis Roaches ever created and sold via the Genesis NFT distribution. The sale will undergo two stages: Pre-sale and Sale.
Pre-sale is available only to XXXX whitelisted participants. During the Pre-sale stage, there are individual bonuses up to 25% that provide higher chances to get a roach with rare traits compared to Sale.
Additionally, during the Genesis NFT initial distribution, Syndicates are able to earn TRAX points that can be later exchanged for custom race tracks.
When buying a roach during the initial distribution, a random number is generated using Chainlink VRF. This is the seed for the generation of the roach genome. The genome is made up of several attributes (traits), each of which is selected from a random set.

Pre-sale details

  • Price – TBA
  • Date – TBA
  • Duration – 24 hours
  • Entry – Whitelist
  • Maximum participants – XXXX
  • Limit – X Roaches per address
  • Individual bonus according to the Trait Race

Trait Race

The race for the highest bonus during the Pre-sale has already started. Before the Genesis NFT distribution starts, members are able to score points for their activity in the early community development and earn a place in the Pre-sale whitelist.
To put it simply, Pre-sale participants have more chances to get a roach with rare traits. A roach with a rare trait or even with a combination of rare traits is a scarce asset with a high value. Admission to the whitelist secures participation in the Pre-sale and increases the chances to get the most valuable assets in the game.
Pre-sale whitelist is limited to XXXX participants. Each Pre-sale participant is able to purchase up to X roaches with an individual bonus of up to 25% higher chance to get a rare roach.
The basic probability to get a roach with at least one rarest trait during the Sale stage is 7.36%. Members can increase their chances up to 25%, and enter the Pre-sale with up to a 9.18% probability of getting a roach with at least one of the rarest traits.

This is how this probability is calculated:

  • There are 6 trait categories in total
  • In each category, the 20% of the rarest traits appear with a basic probability pt=1.27% (approximately 127 times per 10,000 Genesis Roaches)
  • Since each roach has a combination of traits from each category, the basic probability to get a roach with at least one rarest trait is 7.36% (approximately 736 roaches per 10,000 Genesis Roaches). The calculation is done according to the formula:
To get into the Pre-sale whitelist and enter Trait Race members need to participate in various events and activities within our Discord server. By entering the events users are able to obtain roles, that are not only providing opportunity to enter the Pre-sale, but also boosting their chance to mint roaches with rare traits. Whitelist participants can improve their positions and secure the highest bonus of 25% before the Pre-sale starts.
Admission to the whitelist closes when it reaches XXXX members, but the participants will still be able to compete for the higher bonus until the Trait Race finishes. The final bonuses will be announced before the Pre-sale in the official Discord server and participants' addresses with the bonus values will be submitted to the NFT Sale contract.

Sale details

  • Price - TBA
  • Date - TBA
  • Limit: 10 roaches per transaction

Syndicate sale rewards

Syndicates play an important role in the roach racing community development. We create incentives for them not only within the game, but even before the game goes live. During the Genesis NFT Sale Syndicates are able to earn TRAX, non-transferable points in the Syndicate smart contract.
A total of 1,000,000 TRAX is allocated to all Syndicates participating in the Genesis NFT sale. After the end of the Genesis Sale, TRAX points are distributed among Syndicates according to the amount of roaches purchased by all participating Syndicates.
Syndicates can later use TRAX points to purchase race tracks. One race track costs 1,000,000 TRAX.
  • How TRAX are distributed during the sale: Each Syndicate has its own link like
  • Choose the amount of roaches to purchase, connect wallet, buy
  • A transaction with a purchase and the name of the Syndicate is sent to the contract
  • The contract keeps track of how many roaches were purchased for each Syndicate – and it is publicly available in the contract