Roach Racing Club is an interactive racing game offering real-time PvP competitions. You can breed and train your roaches, control them on the racetrack, and compete with other players for the bank. In addition, you can equip your roaches with unique gear and wearables to make them exclusively yours.

The game has two core territories โ€“ โ€˜on the raceโ€™ and โ€˜beyond the raceโ€™.

Beyond the race you master your roach coaching skills, gain experience and earn achievements to advance and unlock perks and helpful features:

  • Breed, train, and customize your roaches

  • Trade, rent, and manage your assets

  • Create or join a Syndicate to unite with other players

  • Bootstrap your own races and tournaments

On the race you compete with other players in real-time and control your roach by playing with prices on the live chart:

  • Select the right roach linked to the crypto asset

  • Join the race by paying the entry fee to the race bank

  • Boost the speed of the Roach by predicting the price move

  • Gain experience and earn in-game rewards

  • Become one of the three winners to share the bank

Roaches are unique living characters and in order to survive and prosper they need to participate in races. In the dynamically changing universe, roaches need to constantly evolve to get better results. The evolution of roaches is at the core of our breeding model.

Breeding a successful roach requires a clear understanding of the game mechanics coupled with a selection strategy. Mixing the right genes of parent roaches through a consistent breeding process will allow you to produce a champion roach at any stage of the game.

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