Roach Racing Club


Roach Racing Club is an exciting racing universe where you can breed and upgrade your champions, enter your favorite roaches for races, see them compete, earn rewards and become a racing superstar. Equip your roaches with unique gear and wearables to make them exclusive. Develop your breeding strategy to win races and hit the jackpot.
Roach Racing is happening in a unique digital world that includes:
  • Racing
  • Buying, Selling and Collecting
  • Breeding
  • Renting
  • Equipping and Biohacking
  • Syndicates operations
Roaches are unique living characters and in order to survive and prosper they need to participate in races. In the dynamically changing universe, roaches need to constantly evolve to get better results. The evolution of Roaches is at the core of our breeding model.
Choosing the right roach for a particular track is crucial since the success of racing depends on several parameters:
  • Genetics and physical state of the roach
  • Racetrack conditions based on data feeds from ChainLink oracles
  • Luck randomized by Chainlink VRF