☣️‘Run or Die’

The ‘Run or Die’ rule means that in case a roach doesn’t participate in racing within its lifespan, it dies and can be liquidated by its owner or another player in return for a certain amount of $MTGN tokens.

Roaches with higher Resistance are able to live longer without any racing activity. Roaches can reset the inactivity counter only when they engage in physical activity, such as running a race.

The limited lifespan of roaches incentivizes participation in racing, and racing roaches are rewarded with the $MTGN token required for breeding. It brings in more competition to racing and drives the economy, so there are more racers and more winners.

Besides that, the ‘Run or Die’ rule in Roach Racing Club maintains a balance between the supply and demand of roaches in the system without devaluing roaches. In technical terms, it keeps your NFT collection updated, so that you don’t store any non-performing NFT tokens in your wallet. You always have the option to liquidate your roach, receive some $MTGN in return, and breed a new one.

The 'Run or Die' rule does not apply to Genesis roaches, they have 100% Resistance and live forever.

To prevent a roach from dying, you can:

  • Participate in racing

  • Lend your roach to another player for racing

  • Stake $RRC and gain access to a bio chamber to protect your roach

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