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Syndicates (DAO)

Syndicates in Roach Racing Club allow the community members to unite their gaming efforts and manage communities in a DAO-like manner.
Players are able to coordinate by joining the Syndicates and increase their efficiency thanks to the network effect. Many classic online games have similar clan and guild game mechanics, but it's becoming even more important in community-shared economies. It helps onboard new users by offering them game assets without a need to purchase and other benefits.
When joining a Syndicate, each player is assigned to a certain community, which symbolizes his involvement in this organization. The Syndicate system is at the core of our project gameplay and it is deeply integrated into the gaming economy.
Syndicates play an important role in the political and strategic development of the project. Thanks to the integration of blockchain protocol solutions and modern financial trends, the game is more like life and integrates more interactive mechanics of agent interaction at a decentralized level.
Syndicates extend the gaming experience and enable members to:
  • Earn rewards for syndicate members' activity
  • Earn $MTGN as cashback from breeding with syndicate members' roaches
  • Bootstrap and manage race tracks
  • Purchase unique branded wearables
Syndicate creation requires staking $RRC.