Roach Racing Club


Roach racing is one of the oldest forms of entertainment on Earth. It was popular in ancient Egypt, Byzantium and Greece, where every noble person had their own running roach and always participated in competitions. It was not only about participating in a race: collecting and breeding were always a huge part of the game. We believe it’s time to adapt the roach racing culture to modern reality. It’s time to digitize, gamify and enrich this experience with the modern blockchain economy. In fact, smart contracts are ideal for true ownership, breeding modeling, and trustless competition.

Why now?

It is estimated that the global gaming market will amount to 268.8 billion U.S. dollars annually in 2025, up from 178 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Moreover, projects with the play-to-earn model proved to be especially successful and experienced tremendous growth in 2021. We believe a community-owned economy will be the key driver of the sustainable and rapid growth of the gaming industry.
We will cut this pie and share it together.