Roach Racing Club
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Running a race

The race begins automatically once enough participants have joined. To control your roach, you must be online when the race starts; otherwise, it will run on its own, relying solely on its biological abilities.
Each roach is randomly assigned to a lane on the track. Roaches start running simultaneously when the race starts. They run on their own using their biology to accelerate and maintain speed. Track conditions like wind and temperature, as well as cryptocurrency rates, affect your roach's performance.
You control your roach by activating Boost Control in order to gain additional acceleration and overtake your opponents.
Track related interactions
Speed zones with acceleration and deceleration are placed randomly on the track to create additional opportunities for Boost Control. For example, you can neutralize the negative Boost during the deceleration zone or multiply your positive Boost during the acceleration zone.
Extra Race rewards in $RRC coins are placed randomly on the track and can be collected during the race. You collect $RRC coins from your line and two adjacent lines when you lead the race. Rewards in $MTGN are calculated and distributed after the race to all participants according to their performance on the track.

Finishing the race

You need to be among the first three to cross the finish line to win the race.
At the end of the race the results are summarized and rewards are distributed:
Three winners share the race bank:
  • 1st place - 55%
  • 2nd place - 27%
  • 3rd place - 13%
  • Platform commission - 5%
Extra rewards in $RRC and $MTGN are distributed according to your race performance.