Roach Racing Club

Other assets

Roach NFT

An NFT character in the Roach Racing Club universe. The key in-game asset that allows to play the game, race and breed. It’s a freely transferable and tradable crypto asset issued on the Polygon blockchain in ERC-721 format.

Racing Tracks

Racing Tracks are the real estate assets in the Roach Racing Club universe. Racing Tracks are NFTs in ERC-721 format and can be purchased by syndicates with TRAX points. It allows syndicates to create community-based management of a key gaming asset and benefit from it by collecting racing fees.
Racing Tracks are extremely limited and there will only be a few of them created every year. Tracks are designed by the development team in collaboration with Syndicates.


TRAX are non-transferable points in the Syndicate smart contract. They are designed to be used by Syndicates who can spend them on in-game assets like Racing Tracks.
Syndicates are rewarded with TRAX points when their members perform in the game and create financially significant activity such as racing fees or secondary market NFT trades.
TRAX points incentivize competition among Syndicates and boost racing activity.